Put the right tools in your toolbox

The Hotel Distribution landscape is complicated, but for those who know how to navigate it, online distribution can really help hotels achieve their revenue goals.

SkyTouch Technology and SHR are presenting a live webinar to share what you need to know about the tech tools that can help you succeed in your hotel revenue strategy.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Demystify the distribution landscape
  • Better-align OTAs, GDS, and call centers
  • Integrate your CRS and PMS to boost direct bookings
  • Enhance reward and loyalty programs
  • Connect with guests instead of channels
  • Plus, much more!


Meet our panelists:

Estella Hale serves as Vice President of Product, overseeing all product development and support for SHR, including Windsurfer CRS. She has a rich hospitality background, managing implementations, client services departments, and holding several guest and internal services positions at major hotel chains and hotel groups.
Rui Perreira is a senior professional with more than 20 years of IT and operations leadership success in the hospitality industry. He is currently Sr. Sales Engineer at SkyTouch Technology.

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